At Derby Day Racing, the goals are simple:

– Bring more people into this great game

– Have fun

– Win races

– Take care of the horses.

Brian Zipse, the Managing Partner of Derby Day Racing, has been around thoroughbred horse racing his entire life. He has consistently succeeded in introducing racing in the most positive of ways to countless new fans. Through his experience within the industry, Brian has developed strong relationships with experts in various aspects of the sport, and in these relationships, Brian has found the perfect teammates to not only work with, but to partner with to ensure the overall health and success of DDR.

The Derby Day Racing team is knowledgeable, well rounded, and fun. You will quickly discover how well this carries over to the ownership experience at Derby Day Racing. Through their combined years of being passionate fans of racing, they know exactly what an owner wants, and does not want, in a racing partnership.

As a partner you can expect:

– Up to date and clear information throughout the partnership

– The unparalleled thrill of owning elite athletes performing in the most exciting of sporting events

– The best opportunity to see your horses win at the racetrack.

Derby Day Racing believes in multi-horse packages for their partnerships. Generally, each partnership will consist of three horses, to best optimize each group’s chances of success.

Partnerships are formed with the goal of maximizing value and enjoyment. For this reason all typical expenses are built into initial investments, covering at least year one of training, racing and care costs. If all goes as planned, partners will not be asked for additional funds. We will honor our mission through consistent and transparent communication from purchasing, to training, to winning.

Derby Day Racing will actively manage each partnership in order to do what is best for every single partner. We want to have fun, but we also want the best possible return on investment.

One more thing about being a DDR partner — we believe in taking care of the horses without exception. From finding the right people to care for our stable of horses from purchase through retirement and beyond, every one of our athletes is treated with the utmost dignity and respect.