Derby Day Racing has arrived!

New to the scene, but a long time coming, this website is the culmination of a lifelong dream. A dream to celebrate the horse, and the sport of thoroughbred horse racing.

So just what is Derby Day Racing? The first answer is the one with the most sizzle — a new and exciting partnership on the horse racing scene. This collective is so much more, though. A clearinghouse for the industry, come to Derby Day Racing for everything in the sport. It is our vision to create a truly comprehensive community that has never before been seen in horse racing.

Lofty goals to be sure, but when the passion is there, anything can be accomplished. Derby Day Racing is all about passion. Friends for life, the group behind what you see beginning here today brings a diverse set of talents, but what we all have in common is the love for horses and racing. In Derby Day Racing, we have come together to serve you the fan, the horse lover, the handicapper, and the partner.

Derby Day Racing offers the opportunity to celebrate your horse in the winner’s circle, and to learn more about all aspects of the most thrilling sport on Earth. Gather to watch, listen and read insightful commentary from our team, as well as guest experts. Follow along for insights on America’s favorite race – the Kentucky Derby – and all of the biggest races in the sport. Find out about our active participation in aftercare and how, you too, can help. Let us help you take your own racing business to the next level, or find out about the latest employment in the industry. Most of all, come to talk horses.

We cordially invite you to explore all we have to offer, participate, and if you have the time and inclination, inquire about our partnership offerings. We promise an exciting journey with fans just like you — fans with big horse racing dreams!