I decided to veer in a different direction with this preview of my favorite bet for Kentucky Derby 2018. In this video, I married two of my passions – the Derby superfecta bet and the classic American cocktail, an Old Fashioned. Sure there’s some information on who I think will be in the superfecta mix for Derby 144 and just as importantly who I think won’t be.  Since the Derby superfecta proves to be such a complex bet, I kept things simple for the initial cocktail recipe. On the back half of the video, I provide a brief tutorial on how to make and enjoy your own Old Fashioned before, during, or after the Kentucky Derby. Heck, maybe having one will help your handicapping. (It can’t hurt mine.) If you’ve never bet the Derby superfecta, maybe you’ll give it a try this year, and if you haven’t had an Old Fashioned yet; well, you’ll have no excuse now.

Photo courtesy of Churchill Downs