As a Louisville native, Wayne Rives has known about the Kentucky Derby for a long time. In fact, he’s attended America’s biggest race for an amazing 40 consecutive editions. Married for a third of a century, with three grown children, Wayne has lived in Georgia for many years now, but while the days of living near Churchill Downs are long gone, the passion for horse racing has never left. 

It’s a passion that has led Wayne to living out a lifelong dream of being a Thoroughbred racehorse owner. He doesn’t have his first horse yet, but as one of the first partners of Derby Day Racing, Wayne will soon be able to proudly call himself an owner of three juveniles.

Wayne’s love for racing goes way back. “I’ve been a racing fan for as long as I can remember, I used to go with my dad as a kid, and worked a little on the backside as a hot walker,” he explains. “It’s in my blood, being raised where I was. The excitement, sights and sounds of racing gets my blood going. It’s also a great place to hang out with friends and family.”

Like all of us, Wayne also enjoys the rush of cashing a winning ticket occasionally, but how did this hobby of horse racing get taken to the next level? You see, he has big dreams — very big dreams, and he’s not afraid to say them out loud. “I have always dreamed of winning the Kentucky Derby,” admits Wayne.

I think deep down, it’s a dream that any fan of racing has fantasized about more than once. Wayne is now ready and willing to act on that dream. Through the partnership model, he has found the right time and opportunity to jump into racehorse ownership. “First it was timing, as my wife and I have become empty nesters. I have also lived in Georgia for most of my life, where there isn’t racing, but we may have it in the future,” explains Wayne.

What was it about the 2018 Derby Day Racing two-year-old partnership, though, that had him take the plunge? “I like the plan of spreading your chances over three horses with the goal of the Derby. I also have heard great things about [Trainer] Buff Bradley and have followed [Managing Partner] Brian Zipse online, and love his passion for all aspects of racing,” says Wayne.

As one of the original partners joining the Derby Day Racing team, Wayne Rives brings a good mix of lofty aspirations and realistic goals into his first venture as a Thoroughbred owner. He says, “meeting new people that share the same passion and seeing one of our horses coming down the stretch, with a chance to win,” is what he most looks forward to as a partner. 

“It would be great to win some races, and also be able to follow each horse through their progress. Going to different tracks to see them run under our silks would be special,” adds Wayne. “Realistically, I meet a bunch of people from different parts of the country that share the same dream as I do, and that we get all three horses to the starting gate.”

As for his wildest dreams as a racehorse owner and partner, you guessed it, Wayne will never let go of his love affair with the Run for the Roses. “Having a horse in the Kentucky Derby would suffice, but winning it would be the pinnacle.”

Big dreams are made of this.

Joining friends, and new friends, as you live, up close, the life of a racehorse owner — Consider Wayne Rives all in. We welcome him to Team Derby Day Racing!