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Can Accelerate be Horse of the Year worthy?

No Triple Crown winner has ever been denied the honor of being named Horse of the Year — not one. Therefore, it would be easy to assume that this year’s race was effectively over the exact moment that Justify crossed the wire first in the Belmont Stakes. While many voters undoubtedly considered their …

Justify leads the way in Mid-Season Awards

We are not quite halfway through 2018 on the calendar, but with completion of the Belmont Stakes comes the unofficial break from the first half of the season to the next. With plenty of historic racing already in the books, let’s hand out the Mid-Season Awards to the horses that would win the hardware if the season

Justify has the Bob Baffert advantage

As Editor’s Note powered to victory in the Belmont Stakes, giving his trainer D. Wayne Lukas yet another victory in the Triple Crown series, a young trainer wondered what kind of Triple Crown hell he was in. Just five weeks earlier,Bob Baffert had seen his first ever Kentucky Derby starter, Cavonnier

Belmont Stakes Card is Breeders’ Cup like

When the Breeders’ Cup was first contested back in 1984, I felt just like a kid on Christmas morning. Opening that day’s racing form was as great a feeling as tearing open the most carefully wrapped gift under the tree. While Christmas morning has long since become more about giving

WinStar may be Tempting Fate

There is no doubt that the Herculean-built Justify and his rapid ascension from unraced three-year-old to double Classic winner is worthy of a Greek chorus singing of his feats and quite possibly cautioning him against the sandy tides of Belmont Stakes’ history. Yes, Justify is an imposing, athletic figure seemingly conceived through lightning bolts.

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